MoodSnap respects your privacy and keeps all your data on your device. None of your information is shared with the developer or third parties. Data only leaves the app if you manually export it yourself.


MoodSnap is free, open source, and provided as is. Although every effort has been made to ensure the quality of the software, no guarantees are made and no liabilities are accepted associated with its use.

MoodSnap is not a medical tool, but intended for the purposes of self-awareness. Medical, diagnostic and treatment decisions should only be made in consultation with medical professionals.

The MoodSnap source code is released under a GNU Public License (GPL-3.0) and available on GitHub.


Thank you to Anne Halbich and Christoffer Halbich for providing the German localisation for MoodSnap, Melany Nadine Monroy Icaza and Christian Ronald Cresci for Spanish, Duc Vo and Charlotte Bridault for French, and Rianne de Heide for Dutch.

Thank you to all our testers who helped iron out bugs and improve the app.

As an open-source project MoodSnap relies on the efforts of other open-source projects. The developers would especially like to thank the authors of the following packages which MoodSnap relies upon:

TPPDF for PDF file generation.

Disk for data persistence.