MoodSnap is a mood diary app redesigned. 100% free and open-source, made for everybody, written with features for people with mood disorders in mind.

MoodSnap is more than a mood diary. It provides advanced analytics to provide insight into what affects your mood, and how your moods change as a result of activities and life events.

Think of MoodSnap as a diary app on steroids. You can use it to keep a regular diary, a photo diary and a mood diary, elegantly presented as a familiar chronological feed.

But a mood diary shouldn’t just record what our moods are like. It should help us understand what affects them and how the activities we engage in and life events we experience influence them.

MoodSnap provides advanced analytics that over time provide insight into how our moods correlate with the events that form the life we live, a self-awareness tool like no other.

MoodSnap was developed by an academic with bipolar disorder and many years experience working as a counsellor for Lifeline, an Australian mental health and suicide hotline charity. It was written as a gift to the community, coming from the perspective of someone suffering a mood disorder, the challenges of managing life with one, and the complexities of understanding it.


  • Keep a diary, photo diary & mood diary.
  • Quitting smoking? Track how mood levels are progressing during the process.
  • How does drinking affect your mood?
  • How does your mood respond to exercise?
  • Track symptoms and mood levels associated with mood-related conditions.


  • Mood diary with symptom and activity tracking.
  • Statistical tools for correlating activities, symptoms and mood levels.
  • Integrates with Apple Health to correlate your mood with exercise, sleep, weight and menstrual cycle.
  • Volatility metric captures mood instability via sudden changes or oscillations.
  • Features for people wanting to monitor the effects of alcohol.
  • Features for people quitting smoking.
  • Inbuilt symptom list relevant to a wide range of mood-related conditions, including bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder and PTSD.
  • Highly customisable and streamlined interface to focus on the symptoms and activities relevant to you.
  • Track major life events as reference points for long-term mood changes.
  • Use #hashtags as custom points of reference.
  • Export PDF reports.
  • Manual import/export of data.
  • We respect your privacy. Your data doesn’t leave the app unless you manually choose to export it. Your data is never shared with the developer or third parties.
  • Developed with the input from academics, counsellors, psychologists and people with mood disorders.
  • Optimised for iOS using the SwiftUI framework (currently iOS only).
  • Always 100% free and open-source (no paid extras). Source code available on GitHub.